Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Palin blasts Sullivan as 'conspiracy kook writer' – is she so attention-starved she's trying to keep Babygate alive?

Andrew Sullivan has the cover story for the current Newsweek, titled "Why Are Obama's Critics so Dumb?" Palin sent a tweet today saying: "Know what's truly 'dumb'? Giving a cover story to the Trig Truther conspiracy kook writer who thinks I didn't give birth to my son." 

The Yahoo story on the dustup links to Justin Eliot's ridiculous "Trutherism Definitive Debunker" story, which Patrick at Politicalgates destroyed last year.

My question is this: Is Palin so in need of the spotlight that she will now use references to the birth hoax to stay in the news? My guess is yes, that's exactly what today's tweet was all about.

Of course, by keeping Babygate alive, she's helping justify a book on the topic. But I suspect she's looking forward to that too. She may have worked out in her imagination her public defense of the the hoax so many times, she's looking forward to when she's forced to use it. 

What do you all think?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Send this article to everyone you know, especially in Alaska, to explode the Palin birth hoax

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