Thursday, November 17, 2011

Could Sarah Palin and Mat-Su Regional Medical Center be guilty of fraud?

Can a former candidate for president or vice president face criminal charges? You bet. Look at John Edwards right now. He is accused of accepting illegal campaign donations to pay off his mistress.

Could Sarah Palin face criminal charges? Of course she could. But only if a law enforcement agency decided to bring them. And if the Mat-Su medical center or its employees were found to have conspired with Palin in a fraud, could they be criminally liable? I think so.

So what charges might Palin face? Well, fraud comes to mind. According to Wikipedia: "In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain ..."

Faking the birth of Trig meets the requirement of "intentional deception." What about the "personal gain" part? That is tricky. Certainly the U.S. Justice Department (for example) could bring strong case if it could reasonably argue that the baby hoax was done specifically for the purpose of helping make sure Palin would become the vice presidential candidate of the Republican Party.

I want to consider the question of fraud in two parts. First, with regard to the moral question; then the legal question.


  1. If you could find someone who swears to have given money to Palin only because she did not abort a DS baby, that person could allege fraud.

    Politicians, like salespeople, are expected to lie. When does it go too far--legally?

    Good luck, but I will settle for mere exposure of Babygate.

  2. I'm just trying to provide the Feds with a good legal justification for asking questions. And I think I can do that. If they ask certain questions of certain people, the whole thing collapses. Alternatively, maybe I can convince insiders that coming clean pre-emptively is a good idea, to forestall a federal inquiry.

  3. Insider angle definitely good. I don't think the Feds will be looking for things to do. Iff she runs for Pres. or VP it could be different.

    Do you have any info/guesses on Fred's book? IM has more or less stopped covering Babygate. Hmmm.

  4. No info on Fred. They seem behind the original publishing date.

    I think the Justice Department might move against Palin if they become convinced she tried to fraudulently tip an election.

  5. With the 2012 presidential campaign underway, the timing could work in favor of someone spilling the beans. Look how different the candidates can be who want the same party's nomination. In the past there have been more ruthless things done than exposing the likes of the McCain/Palin babygate cover-up.

    I've got my fingers crossed.

    Allison (The Palin Place blogspot)

  6. "I want to consider the question of fraud in two parts. First, with regard to the moral question;"

    With regard to the moral question of fraud, there is no question. She lied and got a lot of power and money because of it.

  7. I was ill yesterday and could not keep writing.

    Of course you are right. But I think I need to make the case overwhelmingly, because her defenders will say she was merely protecting her daughter (assuming Bristol was the birth mother). I have to point out it was not just a lie, but also suborning a hospital into treachery, wearing fake maternity belly, etc.

  8. @Brad. Hope you are feeling better today.

    One of Sarah's most egregious fraudulent behaviors is after she wasn't covering for Bristol anymore (if in fact she did): telling the story of her own personal decision not to abort Trig. The whole being "in a city where no one knew her" tale. It furthered her receiving speaking fees from anti-choice groups.