Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sarah Palin's masterpiece of deception: the announcement of Trig's birth

Last week I pointed out how Palin's office sent out a press release concerning Trig's alleged birth on April 18, 2008 at Mat-Su Regional Medical Facility. That document was a masterpiece of falsehood. Here it is again:

Excuse me for repeating myself, but many will be reading about this for the first time. For the the sake of argument, I want you to assume that Trig was born in late January or early February (quite prematurely) to Bristol in Anchorage. If we assume that, can we pin down Sarah on even a single lie in the above? Amazingly, the answer is, "No."

Sarah and Todd "welcomed the arrival" of Trig – that could simply mean that Bristol's betrothed, Levi (to select someone at random), brought Trig from a hospital in Anchorage (or, say, from a nurse's house in Wasilla) to the Mat-Su hospital, where Palin in her autobiography claimed Trig was born. No clear lie there.

We read above that Palin's "labor began yesterday ... but let up enough for her to travel." She gave a speech and finished it. Thus her labor (meaning giving a speech) began, and then it let up (she finished the speech!), which allowed her to travel more than 3,000 miles on two long flights. Which kind of labor was she referring to? Would any sane woman get on a plane for such a trip after birth contractions had started? Of course not. And, in that same vein of hoodwinking, she got to the Mat-Su facility in time to "deliver" (i.e., present to her parents) the infant. (By the way, Laura Sullivan interviewed a neonatologist who quite positively stated that the baby the Heaths showed off to local media on April 18 was not a newborn – see

What else? Oh, Trig "was born at 6:30 a.m." – but on what day? And for that matter, where? The PR release does not say.

And, finally, for good measure, who is the source of the long direct quote near the end? We really don't know, because "the family" released that statement. Were they all talking in unison? Not satisfied with the layer of deception she positioned between herself and potential prosecutors, Palin took the additional precaution of not attributing any words directly to herself.

Last spring I showed this news release to Greg DeBlasio, a public relations professor and longtime PR practitioner who teaches in my department at Northern Kentucky University. He was flabbergasted. He could not figure out why anyone would send out such a bizarre  birth announcement. I had not "decoded" the whole thing at that time, so I just pointed out to him the obvious evasions of truth.

But now that I "get it" – that the whole thing is a giant falsehood filled with double entendres – I am filled with awe. Sarah: Way to go! You are a world-class liar! You get the gold medal.


  1. Actually, whoever wrote the release gets the gold nedal. Positive it wasn't Sarah. Or her family.

  2. Not so sure about that, B. The PR release is not terribly eloquent; it could have been written by a C level journalism student, which she apparently had been. Remember the announcement she wrote 10 days before the birth in which she assumed the voice of God? I'm trying to work out if McAllister was helping her draft such things even at that early date. Either way, she is obviously responsible for the contents.

  3. "Laura Sullivan"? Who's that?

    Laura Novak did an interview of a neonatologist, and Andrew Sullivan has questioned the Trig story for the past 3+ years...

    Are they related to "Laura Sullivan"?

  4. @KaJo. Just a typo. The link is to Laura Novak.

    @Brad. I agree she is responsible. I just don't think she is clever enough! Outright lies are more her speed.

  5. I work with a Laura Sullivan, plus as you point out, Laura Novak and Andrew Sullivan have been on the hoax story. That's not the first time I've made that error. Whew!

  6. Good post Brad. We've been saying this all along. Hopefully your voice is louder than ours and someone who matters will actually hear and understand this time around.

  7. Glad to see your blog posts continue pointing out all the anomalies about Mrs. Todd Palin's faked birth.

    I hope not to die before I see her confronted directly with this awful lie, and finally admit her insane hoax.

  8. Good work here, Brad.

    Did you know that a prenatal paternity test requires a sample of amniotic fluid, which can be obtained at the same time as testing for foetal anomalies?

    I'm thinking the Palins wanted to be sure Levi was the father, and since they were taking the amiotic fluid anyway, they approved testing for anomalies.

    Remember, too, that Sadie said Levi got a text from Bristol that said "When I found out I was pregnant, I wished you weren't the father?" Sadie was saying that was about Tripp, but I have my doubts. I bet it was when Bristol carried Trig and they had to confirm exactly who the father was. They got a lot more information than they bargained for!!

    May I plug my blog? I just put up a new post based on a quote from Levi. Tripp's birthday is NOT December 27. It's sometime in the next week to ten days.


  9. Good reading!

    I always wondered about the hospital: did they receive state or federal funds at the time that SP 'gave' birth there.... Then why can't they be required to show proof how they delivered a special needs child while not equiped/authorized to do so....

  10. Also,Did TriG get funding from the Native Medical plan? I'm thinking No b/c of the email that asked for TriG's BC late in May, I think it was. At least for the Mat-Su "showing".
    But TriG(Tripp or T1) could have received Federal funding under the Native Medical plan before the "announcement"?
    I wonder if there is a way to find out. TriG(Tripp 1) would be entitled to that being like 1/32th Native blood on Todd's side.(Bristol 1/16)?