Monday, November 28, 2011

Chuck & Sally Heath, Sarah Palin's Parents, Most Likely Were Part of the Birth Hoax Conspiracy – Here's How They May Have Staged It 

KatieAnnieOakley says ...
The more I think about it, there more I think she never stepped foot in that hospital that night or day. Remember, EVERYONE still thought Sarah was in TEXAS. 

Most likely nobody stepped foot in that hospital until shortly before Sally & Chuck were interviewed late Saturday morning. A hallway with no patients was used. I also don't think Levi was there at daybreak. It's the middle of the morning. Breakfast is done, meds have been passed out, beds are made, lunch isn't coming for another hour or so, and only two patients are birthing babies - it's a slow time in the hospital, before lunch. Trust me, if I had Frequent Patient Miles, I'd be WEALTHY. Hospitals are DEAD on weekend late mornings. Physicians come and go, and CBJ in the maternity ward could go down a hall with a nod and a hello - she had privileges after all. "Hi guys - just getting ready for an interview. Do you have an empty room we could use?" Levi strolls into the hospital with a gym bag... and opens a door for the Heaths because THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN RECOGNIZED walking through the front door. 

Or, the Heaths could have exploited their stature in the valley: they could have walked right through the front door, saying they were there for an interview. REMEMBER: Sarah, as everyone "thinks" they know, is STILL in Texas. Sally used to be on the board (maybe she still was at that time) so they would defer to her. Oh, yeah - she's also the GOVERNORS MOM. They could freely set up the scene with the TV crew and run with it - cause Sarah's still in Texas... 

And, I'm now fairly certain Chuck knew about what was going on at some point; he could see his daughter not growing bigger, as she had done with her previous 4 pregnancies. Bristol had delivered Trig weeks / months earlier. "Its how its gotta be, dad". It also explains his over-indulgence in the details of leaking amniotic fluid: say anything to get the media off his back and out-of-his-face, particularly if its off-putting to delicate mores (talking about "woman things"), to get the questioner to back-off. It also sounded "credible" - to a man. It also explains his hostile, in-your-face defensive belligerence later when asked about Palin faking her pregnancy: "You can't prove that!" He fairly spit that statement out. He was incensed, and it just bubbled up to his mouth and came out.


  1. @KAO- Great stuff!!
    I think you are really "on it!"

    Unfortunately, all kinds of mischief is possible within the hospital walls if the medical pros are left out of the loop. I believe that is the key. As our fellow commenters who ARE medical pros explained, once someone is "checked in" all types of procedures are in place to follow the patient.

    Yup- When Chuck Health blurted out "You can't prove that," it was one of the clearest "tells" for me.

  2. I think that S and C were definitely players in the game, but I also think they were kept in the dark as far as where Trig actually came from. The most important thing to remember is NO ONE had an inkling a baby was about to be bestowed upn this family until March 5th. It took them all by surprise and there was definitely confusion and hurt (from the secrecy). Sarah had one kid who just graduated boot camp, one in a shitty relationship with a guy her parents were desperately trying to get rid of since summer 07 (when he left Lanesia for her, one independent young teen, one mommys girl who was too young to know anything.

    We have a sister of a Gov who writes a deeply emotional letter in Oct 07, A Gov who spends a lot of time with troubled families (emails) and sad instances, Veep prospects since early 07.

    Do the math. Trig=political baby, adopted from wherever. Yes hes loved, cherished and doing really well. No we will never hear the truth. It's how it is.

  3. Do you all remember that Gabe Gatto myspace message about feeling bad and "needing to tell Bristol." It was written in April 07. This was when Levi was still in a serious relationship with Levi (her myspace wall as proof) Though he Levi was cheating with sseveral girls, Bristolw as in Juneau.

    The Johnstons worst fears: Levi's true history of dating gets out. Explains why there's so much flowery BS in DITH.

    i think Levi's in a tough place. He knows people think he knows about Trig down to every last detail, forgetting that he and Bristol had broken up even in early 08. He may know Sarah faked the pg but he's probably tongue tied when he's questioned on specifics. Saying, "She faked it" would be followed by the question "Why" and he doesn't know the answer. He can speculate but the boys not bright and doesn't think on his feet. He was also going through heavy personal crap with Johnny still (anger around his bday and indifferent in June07 on their run in at carrs)

    It doesn't shock me Levi is a hot mess on this topic.

  4. Wow that was illiterate. I was typing with one hand. I meant Lanesia obviously.

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  6. Um, It's important to remember that no one who has spoken is trustworthy. Thats all I am saying. They've all given us weird stories. We all know BRistol and Levi's relationship was nowhere near as longterm or lovey as was put on for starters. About Frank Bailey, his comment to me regarding Bristol was "Well, I saw her at least a dozen times between early fall 07 and spring 08 and she didn't appear pregnant or hiding anything. However, do remember I didn't hang around the Palin home." He also told me, after I asked him if a surrogate was used for Trig's pregnancy, "I don't even know how to respond to that. I was around Sarah constantly and noticed her physically changing." I'm just passing on my conversations, ones he did give me permission to pass on.

    And yes, I know for a fact that Trig is loved. Sorry to bust your sorry little bubbles of negativity and gullibility.

    Here's a tip. Go to myspace, type in Tylor Tilton. Go back through his wall posts to 2007. Right before everyone starts saying Merry Xmas, there is a comment referencing Bristol and how she was at the mall recently. I am only saying this because I know you all LOOOOOVE piles and piles of "out of context" evidence to draw your itty bitty conclusions that aren't based in fact. There's one to add to that pile.

    hehe, It must suck to have to wade through so many 4th hand sources and weird, extravagant lies.

    Also consider this. Mercede Johnston initially said she swears Bristol was never pregnant before Tripp. If she were lying, why would she even say that, especially after she had said she tells no lies. Ok, so she lied about that last part, but again, why say it? yes she reneged later on but still. She's not alone in thinking Sarah had Trig. All her friends, of the ones I've spoken with, think Sarah did too. Remember that facebook exchange where a bunch of AK teens were defending Sarah's choice to have a special needs baby (fromMay 2011)? Most of those teens were once Sadie's close friends or are currently a Palin kid's friend. The rumors that Bristol is Trigs mother were only rampant around March/April 2008. To shoot them down, probably because she was pissed they existed, Bristol told her friends at WHS she was pregnant, hoping she was actually pregnant. This is fact. THAT is why Sarah was having to address rumors in April regarding Bristol. Bristol was starting them herself. Go to the truthseeker flickr account and find that person who spoke of this. Put yourelf in Bristol's shoes. If your peers were accusing you of being the mother of a child that's not yours, ALL THE WHILE wanting a baby of your own because several of your friends had babies, you'd be pissed too. That is the most realistic scenario and it has the most accuracy.

    About the hospital, I think Trig was born that day, April 18th to whomever birthed him. Why else would April 18th be chosen?

  7. Granny-

    OK, so now you are ready to admit that SP did not birth Trig, but you don't want to discuss who did.
    Furthermore, you are very anxious to prove to us that Bristol DID NOT birth Trig.

    Good, so we are making progress.

    Now, speaking for myself, I don't care whether or not BP birthed Trig. It's actually none of my concern. It was SP WHO brought BP and her pregnancy(s) to the public eye. BP did not have to attend the convention at all!
    They could have displayed a sweet photo of her- she could have been "ill" or "working" or whatever.

    I am only interested in the fact that SP did not birth Trig... and she lied about it... and continues to lie about it. This cannot go on.

  8. Oh, lookie - every few minutes, the Feedjit registers a blog viewer from metro NYC - and every few minutes, "f9" posts sympathetic missives about the Palins and attempts to divert the topic of the post.

    Fail, Brooklyn honey - FAIL. Clearly, she pays you waaaay more than you're worth. See you back in a few minutes, babe.

  9. Brooklyn - nobody is buying what you are selling. You can have your own set of opinions but you cannot have your own set of facts.

    April 18 was chosen because it was when Sarah was scheduled to be out of town. Any later into the "pregnancy" and she wouldn't have been able to fly or it would have raised eyebrows. It was her last chance to sneak in under cover of darkness and say she magically gave birth in the middle of the night at a hospital that was not accredited to handle a premature, high-risk birth (FACT: They would have turned her away and sent her to Anchorage.).

    We know for a FACT that Trig was NOT born on April 18.

    Also, I saw your comments over on ADN. Why do you care so much about defending Bristol and muddying the waters? Don't you know that NOBODY believes you?!

  10. Brooklyn-Who gives a flying fuck if Tylor Tilton saw Bristol at the mall? Did he say that Bristol WASN'T pregnant? No? I didn't think so.

  11. Thanks for calling a spade a spade, everyone. If SP is paying folks to write stuff at blogs, hey, that helps the economy. It's good to know what SP thinks is the best way to trip us up and make us look foolish. She seems resigned to the eventuality that the truth will out , so what's the best she can hope? Making us look like idiots.

  12. So... if an improper adoption took place... and others knew / could be implicated in the cover-up... which resulted in the placement of a (disabled) child into the hands of someone having an agenda that resulted in the eventual neglect of said child (hearing aids, glasses, therapies, medical interventions...) they could be indicted also, too.


  13. Brooklyn is an annoying gnat that posts everywhere...aka a Sarah Palin Fairy Tale Troll!

  14. Granny-

    They think you are a troll!
    Are you gonna take that?
    Why don't you just straighten them all out?!?

  15. So f9 says that no one who has spoken is trustworthy. So why should we believe her? f9: I don't think you're even convincing yourself. You're sure not convincing us.

  16. Facts ARE facts. ONLY Chuck and Sally were interviewed. They are in on the scam. Bristol WAS NOT MENTIONED. Levi, given his relationship as BF of Sarah & Todd's eldest daughter, wouldn't merit a mention. Sarah was NOT INTERVIEWED. Todd was not interviewed. Of this supposedly "close-knit, supportive family", only grama and grampa were there? RIGHT!

    Sarah is a media whore - she lives for positive press coverage. She would have been front and center with that baby had she been there. She would have had the TV crew come in from Anchorage when SHE was ready for them.

    Therefore, it was Sally, Chuck, Todd and Sarah. We don't know for sure if CBJ was there, based on what we DO KNOW to be FACT.

    No matter how you slice it, the actual birth DID NOT happen the way she said it did. THE FACTS don't support her story. Carefully worded Official Press Releases, Doctors Health Certifications and absentia Birth Certificates be damned.