Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Open Letter to Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, Concerning Sarah Palin's Fake-Birth Conspiracy

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Mr. Holder:

I am writing to ask your office to determine if there is cause to look into the curious circumstances surrounding the birth of Trig Palin (the baby Sarah Palin claims she delivered on April 18, 2008) in relation to a larger picture that includes the activities of SarahPAC and possible arson-related cases in Wasilla.

As you may know, many questions surround the alleged birth of Trig. I am enclosing an article I wrote that was published on September 20 at The article does a roundup of many of the oddities relating to Palin’s account of how she gave birth to Trig. I want to be clear that I have no specific knowledge of wrongdoing by Sarah Palin or her associates, beyond almost certainly staging a birth hoax. And the evidence for that is circumstantial but overwhelming.

Nonetheless, if Palin lied about giving birth to Trig, then she arguably committed a kind of fraud against the American people, because that alleged birth became a central plank of her political identity. By itself, that apparent lie perhaps broke no laws. I am wondering, however, if a lie in that circumstance might be seen as part of a web of factors that warrant considering whether RICO or similar statutes might apply.

I think that after reviewing the facts in my attached article, you will agree that the only possible explanation for Palin to fly 3,000-plus miles on April 17, 2008, to an inadequately equipped medical facility while allegedly in labor with a premature special-needs child was to stage a hoax.

Perhaps you are aware that a church Palin attended, the Wasilla Bible Church, was set on fire on December 12, 2008. People at blog sites speculated that the fire may have been set to destroy records relating to Trig, such as adoption records, but offered no evidence. Then the following month, a woman named Darlene “Dar” Miller died in a fire at her home in Wasilla. Bloggers made much of the fact that Miller had been a neonatal nurse but offered no evidence that she had been connected to the Palins.

Unexplained questions surround those fires. One oddity is that the Wasilla fire chief told reporters that Miller seemingly started the fire at her home by smoking – but there is reason to believe she was not a smoker. A woman in Alaska told me that when she tried to get access to the investigation records for the Miller fire, she was told they had been turned over to the Wasilla police department and were not available to the public.

I’m not going to suggest theories here. The fact that those two fires happened so soon after the 2008 presidential election in a small community, with one fire involving a church frequented by Palin, should by itself spark the interest of law enforcement officials on various levels.

You also perhaps know about SarahPAC. It has collected millions in donations since it was created in 2009. I have no idea if its spending would pass an audit. I understand the PAC hired her parents for certain services, and there may be nothing irregular in that, or in her bus tour/vacation last summer, where Paul Revere became a subject of interest.

A cursory examination of the PAC’s filings with the FEC and that agency’s requests for additional information suggests there may be significant questions relating to the actual recipients of large amounts of money. Of particular interest might be Pie-Spy LLC, a marketing firm started by Sarah Palin herself that allegedly provides marketing services for the elderly.

My question is whether all the above, taken together, would seem to warrant a closer look at what happened with Trig’s birth. The central hypothesis might be that Palin used a hoax to create a political persona that then enabled her to enrich herself. It can be documented that Palin in many venues since 2008 has repeated the lie that she gave birth to Trig (although sometimes changing facts, such as what city the birth took place in).

A strong case could be made that the frequent repetition of the lie was meant to enable her to continue soliciting millions of dollars in contributions. What seemed especially egregious, from the standpoint of bilking donors, was Palin’s stringing out her decision concerning whether she was going to run for president. Her daughter Bristol said in late June that Palin had already made up her mind. But in late September, SarahPAC sent out a letter that said:

“Gov. Palin is on the verge of making her decision of whether or not to run for office. It’s one of the most difficult and important decisions of her life. And I want her to know that she has our support … Send your best, one-time gift to SarahPAC today to help her elect more common-sense conservatives – and show her that we support her if she decides to run."

I am enclosing copies of letters I have sent to John R. Lee, CEO of Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, where Palin claims she gave birth to Trig; and Wayne T. Smith, President and CEO of Community Health Systems (Mat-Su’s parent company), Franklin, TN 37067.

About me: I am a concerned citizen who has done considerable research on Sarah Palin's alleged birth of Trig Palin. I am, on behalf of the public, seeking to find the truth in this matter. As a professor at a public university, I believe my job encompasses contributing to the public welfare in this manner.

Sincerely yours,

Brad Scharlott, PhD


  1. I hope you receive a response, I also think I would forward a copy to CREW. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sarah changed the business purpose of Pie-Spy, LLC earlier this year from a business entity set up on April 3, 2009 for "Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities" to a business entity that is now for "Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers".

    Note the "AK Identity #" remains the same...

  3. Independent performer such as Bristol? Do you know anything about Bristol building a new house across the lake from the compound?

  4. Good for you. Great letter! Don't give up.
    In one of your posts you mentioned there is a investigation now into the birth hoax and that a case was being prepared. Are you sure about that?
    Wouldn't Holder know about this already?

  5. I believe the Feds are looking into official malfeasance during Palin's administration.

  6. Brad,
    Thank you so much for all you are doing! You are uncovering all stones!
    It gives me great hope & (pleasure) to check in everyday and see what you are up too and info on "Official malfeasance"!!!

  7. Just found your blog through another one...

    Great job, Brad! I hope your letter DOES get the attention it deserves, and does NOT get thrown into the recycle bin...
    Maybe an open letter in several newspapers would do the job? (It would raise awareness in the public also, too - I believe the mainstream public has NO IDEA what is going on with Palin and the hoax she delivered on the US public [and the world at large]!)