Thursday, December 1, 2011

The genius – and the demons – of Sarah Palin

The sheer daring of Sarah Palin in undertaking the birth hoax is breathtaking. In March of 2008, she made a political calculation about a series of events that could make her president of the United States, the most powerful person on earth. With "end days" coming, which she was certain would happen in her lifetime, she could as president enable untold millions on earth to reach salvation, just as Queen Esther of the Bible had saved her people.

This was her manifest destiny. Surely God would not have provided a path to the presidency if taking that path was not His intention. And that path involved claiming Trig as her own. 

I believe Sarah faced a choice in early March of 2008. She could have convinced Bristol to allow Trig to be adopted or fostered by others until McCain made his VP pick; I imagine that was the original plan. (I'm assuming Bristol gave birth to Trig quite prematurely around January.) But once Sarah learned Trig had Down syndrome, God's mind became clear to her. As Trig's mother – a mother who chose life over abortion – she knew her appeal as a potential VP pick would increase tremendously by making her a star among the right-to-life wing of the Republican Party. 

So on March 5, she started a staggeringly ambitious hoax. As a sitting governor who already had to endure press scrutiny comparable to a that of a rock star, she had little privacy. How could she possibly hope to convincingly stage a birth? The enormity of the prospect did not daunt her. God had opened the door; he would show her the way.

A normal person, by which I mean someone not hounded by the demons of narcissistic personality disorder, can barely comprehend the thinking that would lead someone to undertake such a hoax. And that has been Palin's best weapon in keeping the truth at bay: most Americans find unbelievable the idea that Palin could be so disturbed as to try something that outrageous.

The fact that she did commit the hoax is a measure of her mental illness, of how disordered her personality is. The key to understanding someone with NPD is to realize that their inner image of themselves is grandiose, magnificent, perhaps of world-historical importance. That grandiose projection is a defense against profound feelings of worthlessness. Most NPDs suffer a tremendous disconnect between the grandiose way they see themselves internally and the mundane circumstances of their lives and the pedestrian nature of their accomplishments.

But occasionally some combination of hard work, talent, serendipity, and sheer will can allow an NPD to achieve a measure of greatness that matches the inner ideal. But doing so does not bring a cessation of the inner demons saying still more is needed. Lyndon B. Johnson probably was an NPD. He in fact achieved greatness as president of the United States and was responsible for the landmark civil rights legislation of the mid-60s. But despite his accomplishments, his press secretary Bill Moyers wrote of "the exquisite emptiness" at the center of his being. 

Sarah Palin is no LBJ. He was a master politician and clearly had a fine mind. But Palin has a shrewdness that I think borders on genius. She knows what her gifts are and how to use them. She knows how to befriend and beguile and use people – the "friendship" she seems to offer being a hook to ensnare the gullible, whom she then exploits and ultimately disposes of when their usefulness is gone. She knows she is pretty and sexy, and she has used that to great advantage with men. She knows how to promote herself ceaselessly.

And she knows how to spot the gold ring and go for it. It was her remarkable shrewdness that allowed Palin, a woman of ordinary (and largely underdeveloped) intellectual abilities, to rise from unemployed housewife to VP candidate of the United States in two decades. Time and again in her rapid rise, she saw how to use her current position as a stepping stone to the next. And she used the gifts her biblical God gave her, her physical attractiveness and personal charm, to help her travel the world-changing road He had laid out before her.

On March 5, 2008, the inner demons told Sarah to roll the dice, and that even if she needed "snake eyes" to win, God would make sure she got them. And despite astonishing odds, the hoax is still, for the most part, working. I'm in awe of her daring, and of her amazing insight that no matter how poorly disguised the birth hoax was, virtually nobody – especially not the press – would call her on it.


  1. Brad, first and foremost, when dealing with this type of individual:

    "You can't deal rationally with an irrational person."

    THAT'S WHY most people have such a tough time believing she did it. It is incomprehensible to sane people.

    Remember the TV show of the 1960's, "It Takes A Thief" starring Robert Wagner? Same thing. Same reason you'll find law enforcement occasionally consulting with criminals to solve crimes.

    Thieves think like thieves; criminals know how criminal minds tick. And rational people still can't relate rationally to irrational thinking...

  2. Excellent post Brad! One thing though. I and many others believe she is a sociopath, and uses her undereducated thingy as a manipulation tool.

    Check out what this sociopath from his/her blog at has to say about the comparison and let me know what you think:

    "Why I hate narcissists"
    Here is a good illustration of the differences between narcissists and sociopaths that I found here:

    Narcissist wolf says to everyone:

    "I'm a sheep, I'm a sheep, I'm in the sheep club. The sheep are the best. Those wolves are terrible. You have to be a special sheep to be in the high-wool club like me. If you don't believe I'm a sheep then you are calling me a liar. I was only eating meat because my boss made me do it. I was howling at the moon because you made me angry. I have always been a sheep. You are paranoid, I don't have canine teeth. You are imagining it. I'm a sheep. I won best sheep of the year award. We have to be on the look out for SueTarget. She's a wolf in sheeps' clothing. I am the one that did all the work. SueTarget messed it all up. SueTargets's fur looks fake. I'm the biggest sheep so I should be the boss. I have every right to punish SueTarget and eat her. It will be good for her, and teach her a lesson. I'm not doing it for me, I'm doing it for the team. I have to be the enforcer here and eat bad sheeps to help keep society clean. I used to be a vegetarian but because all these lazy sheep won't do anything, I am forced into keeping order and forced into being the bad guy and have to do all the eating of sheep."

    Sociopath wolf says:

    "Become the sheep. Believe you are the sheep. Keep the wolf hidden. Don't act like a narcissist and don't try to "talk your way". Become the sheep. Do sheep things. Behave like sheep. No one will see the wolf. Baa baa baa. Eat grass for a while. Give up meat for a while. Tell the sheep things that will make them feel good about themselves. Gain their trust. Be humble. Make them the center of attention. Get them to lower their defenses. Tell them you lost your teeth in a car accident and your parents could only afford wolf-teeth replacements. Keep past a secret so they don't research. Let them do all the talking. Then when the time is right, devour! It is worth the sacrifice and the wait. Then on a polygraph when they ask if I am a sheep, I will have all the sheep memories because I became a sheep. I have memories of eating grass and living like a sheep. I'm telling the truth."

  3. I guess it depends on your angle of vision-

    On the one hand, we can say SP "got away with it" because to date, the MSM, the "institution of record" has not stated, as a fact, what we all know- that Sarah Palin did not birth Trig.

    BUT... Thousands of us know that she lied. Indeed, many of the very journalists who are playing it safe at this very moment, know that she lied. Folks in Alaska who saw her frequently knew she didn't look pregnant. The work of this blog, and many others, continues.
    The MSM is an institution in decline and this game is far from over.

    I think the fact that SP thought that she could carry it off without anyone noticing is part of her illness. The other side of the overblown self image is the inability to accurately perceive the thoughts and feelings of others.

  4. KAO: Right! She strikes me as crazy, but crazy people might find her perfectly sane.

    SEA: She might well be a sociopath, but I don't know if a sociopath would aspire to be a Queen Esther type figure of historical significance. I wonder if a dual diagnosis is possible with one person having characteristics of both?

  5. cal: Right - there are pockets of enlightenment. But the vast majority of Americans still do not know.

  6. I concur Brad. I think it is a spectrum disorder. She is beyond crazy. I believe the term Malignant Narcissist explains it all (her cruel, sadistic nature).

  7. I love this post, Brad, but you may want to correct the spelling of her name in the headline.

  8. SJ: I fired the proofreader. Can't get good help these days!

  9. I understand perfectly! (Really laughing out loud here.)

  10. I LOVE the sheep / wolf analogies. Very astute, very relate-able. And dead-on.

  11. Brad, you said...

    "I'm in awe of her daring, and of her amazing insight that let her know that no matter how poorly disguised the birth hoax was, virtually nobody – especially not the press – would call her on it."

    THAT'S BECAUSE THE WOMAN IS INSANE! And she must think everyone else is insane too....that's why she HATES the bloggers who are exposing her insanity.

    What scares the shit out of me...are the folks in power who KNOW she's BAT SHIT CRAZY and they are still allowing her to spew her garbage in her fake FAUX studio...what is their agenda? How long are they going to protect her?

  12. SeaAlaska,
    WoW! I think she is both! Very good analogies!
    Brad, keep going you are on the right track. My thoughts are that Bristol would be adopting out the baby to one of her fundy christian baby brokers, and they (Had) to do testing and found out the baby had DS. DS seems to be common on Todd's side? So that was the end of adopting out...
    So, then she began her campaign to levi & bristol to adopt Tripp or T1. She knew about being a possible VP pic already.
    I think Bristol gave birth late 2007 early 2008 and was in a NICU prob in Anchorage for some months.
    When Sarah made the announce she was pregnant Bristol knew her mom had just stolen her baby and she went on a campaign to have another baby.
    I think if she hadn't took her little dog & pony show to the big 2008 RNC circus, she would of gotten away with it. After-all she does control Alaska, many peeps still believe she had TriG.
    But that's WHY she had him just like you explain above.
    Now what will she do next?
    My fave: JAIL!

  13. Brad, you've GOT TO SEE the video from Hannity last night - Palin was absolutely livid. You can feel, see and hear her trembling rage - and her projection of - the parallels between Cain's dalliance and Todd's actions with Shailey. Boys will be boys, indeed!

    The Anchorage PD must be backed against the wall, and must have been told that "We can't hold off much longer, Sarah - gotta return Shaileys stuff at some point...". Or was it the scenarios considered this week on this blog? Something set her off - BIG TIME.

    Don't know anyone else pounding her Trig birth story like you, Shailey and Allison are.

    I think the posts from all of you this week hit a very raw nerve in Palin - the one that lives in fear of being exposed. And she lashed-out in fury...

  14. What was strange about Sarah's appearance with Hannity last night was that she herself brought up the massage issue. That would seem to be the kind of thing she would want NOT to be talked about.

  15. Brad in light of Sarah's bizzaro appearance with Hannity you should see this new interview with Shay:

    She says that she DID massage Sarah.
    Sarah as much as verified that last night.
    Oy vey.

  16. I address the Hannity interview in my latest post. Thanks for link - fascinating.