Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another open letter to John R. Lee, CEO of the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, concerning the hospital's role in the Palin birth hoax

John R. Lee, CEO
Mat-Su Regional Medical Center
Palmer, AK 99645-8984

Dear Mr. Lee,

You know who I am by now, but for the record, I am a journalism professor in Kentucky trying to make clear to the public that Sarah Palin almost certainly faked the birth of Trig on April 18, 2008, claiming (most of the time) that Trig was born at your hospital, the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center.

You undoubtedly know whether Palin did or did not give birth there. However, as far as I can tell, your hospital has never said a word about the matter. The hospital did not list Trig as a baby born that day (unless it did so briefly on your web site, and then pulled the name, as some have suggested). And neither you nor the hospital's head of marketing, Mr. Sterling Grover, have responded to letters I have sent you, nor has anyone at the hospital responded to the numerous messages I have left using the hospital's feedback page.

In the the attached article, which I have posted at my blog, I argue that you, by refusing to comment on Palin's dubious claim of giving birth at your hospital, are tacitly complicit in a hoax that arguably violated federal law. I am going to expand that article for publication. And in that expanded article I am going to make clear that I informed you in advance of my intentions, and asked you yet again to respond to my queries. (While I am posting this first as an open letter to you at my blog, it will soon follow as a certified letter via the postal system.)

I've done a great deal of thinking, plus lots of research, on the question of what happened at the Mat-Su medical center the day of Trig's alleged birth there. I've reached the conclusion that Sarah Palin probably was not even registered as a patient.

So my first question to you is: Was Sarah Palin a patient at your hospital on April 18, 2008? If she was not, then there would be no HIPAA-related privacy issue. Your refusal to comment, if that is the case, would be truly inexcusable.

My second question is: Did Sarah Palin give birth to Trig Palin at your hospital on April 18, 2008? If she did not, then even if Sarah Palin was registered as a patient, she clearly committed a hoax, a fraud, and HIPAA restrictions do not apply in cases of fraud.

Again, if you do not respond in any way to my questions here, I will note that fact in the article I plan to publish. And that silence on your part would speak volumes about where the truth likely lies.

Please send your response to my questions to PO Box 17772, Fort Mitchell KY, 41017, or email me at brad.scharlott at gmail.com, or call me at 859-426-5309.

Sincerely yours,

Brad Scharlott


  1. Hi Brad,

    I just wanted to point out a couple of important errors re: dates in your letter.

    Para 1:
    "faked the birth of Trig on April 28, 2008"

    Para 5:
    "Was Sarah Palin a patient at your hospital on April 18, 2011?"

    Keep up the good work in searching for truth.

  2. Ah. Keep poking. Maybe somebody will get irritated and talk out of turn.

  3. Brad, what you are doing may take time but it's going to be worth it. Your approach of going after her silent accomplices opens up new paths to finding a weak point and infiltrating the shell of lies. I'm loving it.

  4. "Was Sarah Palin a patient at your hospital on April 18, 2008?"
    "Was Trig Palin born at your hospital April 18, 2008?"

    Brad, Perhaps you would consider rewording the questions to link them with Sarah as the birth mother. 'Yes' responses to both questions, as written, wouldn't answer the key question of whether Sarah, herself, gave birth to Trig.

  5. I'm all for keeping the questions alive. Glad you are planning a new article, Brad.

    It was my understanding that the board of the Mat Su hospital was packed with fundies, making the response you are seeking unlikely, esp when silence has worked so well to date and remains a promising option for the future. The website of Mat Su hospital says "In 2008, Alaskan governor, and future Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin gave birth at Mat-Su Regional."

    The hospital is owned by Community Health Systems, which is owned by a complicated array of investors. Perhaps someone else can look and tell us whether the ownership reveals a right-wing, fundie orientation, as I suspect it does.

    It is my guess that the top levels of ownership/administration of the hospital and its parent cpmpany know the same things we do. However, their wish is to keep it quiet, while our wish is to help the U.S. electorate see the hoax that that GOP perpetrated (or enabled, if you will) upon us in an effort to win the last election.

    I wonder who will prevail?

  6. Remember Cajun Boy? Remember the ADN article (on Mat Su participation re SP's birth hoax) that almost appeared in Oct 08? Still worth reading.

    Sure sounds like an early (and successful) media blackout as a result of high-up decisions.

  7. Hello, Amy1! Your link is to Wikipedia. Are you sure MatSu itself claimed Palin gave birth there? If so, that is a valuable piece of info for Brad's efforts.

    Brad, hope you are enjoying semester break. You received one of your holiday gifts several months ago when MeAgain told us Sarah is scared of you!

  8. Hi B -- Here's the Cajunboy link I intended:


    I wish Brad would check in with IM about it -- I asked IM to comment on it, after all this time. I wish someone would leak that story, if it ever even existed.

    My guess is that the MatSu wiki page has no official relationship to their policies or stance. After all, I could post a correction onto that page (and then someone who believes the facts are otherwise is able to correct me. If we spat, a wiki moderator steps in, as someone did when Paul Revere's facts were being changed to suit SP's view of history). Not sure who posted that on MatSu's wiki page (one could pore over that page's updating history for possible info), and I don't much care: the hospital folks might have put that up, but they still have their "no comment" deniability in fine shape.

    Happy 2012, B! And to all who read here.

  9. @ Amy1- Thanks for that last link to cajunboy. I have seen his actual info on babygate, but not this stuff about the ADN. This is really good!!

  10. The timeframe is esp interesting. Pre-election, 2008. Wonder what the actual info they had was. I bet that's what Carey was obliquely referring to (at 2:06 to end).

  11. The thing that bothers me is that we KNOW that people close to the hoax (but not part of it) KNOW. What do they know? Not sure, but we see Carey saying "the fake pregnancy story," that a lawyer told Carey it was a fake pregnancy; could that lawyer be Rex? or if not, wouldn't Rex ask around among his lawyer pals? Then we have the supposedly already written story that the ADN did not publish in late Oct 2008: can it be possible that the pals of the reporters/writers of that story did not know the key details? Is it possible that Shannon and the Mudflats writer would be so out of the professional-gossip loop that they too do not know? If they do know (know even more than we bloggers do), what is the barrier to them telling? I suspect it's the same barrier that keeps the MSM mum on the subject.

    And it's NOT simply Brad's "spiral of silence." I think the SoS is real -- I certainly experienced it in trying to talk about the hoax among well-meaning friends, and it shut me right up. So that's real, and it depends on the MSM never opening up this story. If it did, the SoS would evaporate, and the questions of the high-level enablers would come to the fore.

    So if ADN suppressed that story, and if none of the folks who knew the details have leaked any of them, it becomes way less bizarre to suspect that if SOMEONE were about to go public with this story, they would suffer dire consequences (I am thinking of Dar Miller's death, of course; and the motive for all in the know to remain silent).

    Okay, rant over.

  12. @Amy1...I'd like to thank you also for your continued efforts to expose this hoax and giving us the link to Michael Carey's video.

    That video, plus the e-mail from the State of Alaska, Benefits Div., are the only two pieces of evidence I've ever found in over three years of looking.

    In future comments, could you please post a link to the e-mail along with the link to the Carey video?

    Again, thanks!

  13. Hi Ginger -- I can't seem to find the email link: I bet someone else might have it at hand?

    I don't understand what you mean by "the only two pieces of evidence." To me, the key piece of evidence is the Mar 14 photo (and the other photos that show SP to be not pregnant just weeks before the Apr 18 "delivery.") Even the wild ride did not seem like proof positive, to me. I can (just barely) imagine someone being deranged enough to risk such a flight as a pregnant woman, however unlikely all the info makes it. But the photos DO seem proof positive, proof that would stand up in court. At least, I have never heard ANY explanation for the flat profile on Mar 14 and a 6-pound baby 5 weeks later. Or the flat Mar 14 photo and the Gusty photo. It's either a medical impossibility or a miracle.

    For me, the photos remove the need to speculate on the bioparents of Trig, how many babies were used, the relationship of Tripp's and Trig's birthdates, the dysfunctional family, the crooked police, the fake CBJ medical letter, and much else. To me (but not to everyone else), it's a matter of SP hoaxed us in that she was not pregnant. Everything else is in the category of interesting but not essential.

    And of course, the importance is not in Palin's deceit so much as the enabling that the GOP and backers did, and the continuing supression of the story in the MSM. It's way bigger than Palin, but it need not involve her family beyond herself. Just Palin, the GOP, and the 1%er-funders -- hoaxing us to affect an election.

    I know you know all this, Ginger, but I'm long-winded so any newbies don't feel like our 3 yrs of data is written in code!

    While not proof positive on its own, the email with the draft of Trig's birth announcement (incl the info that he was early) is certainly pretty damaging too, because that email was written before the fake birth.

    As others have said, we really don't know which detail will serve to burst the dam open. To go back to the unpublished ADN article: someone surely still has a copy of it, or knows whatever telling detail(s) it was about to report.

    I sure wish that article would leak.

  14. @Amy1. Ditto. You speak my mind. Thank you!

  15. Amy1- I have said this on many blogs and will say it again...
    In the Sf Chronicle a commenter named Mtn.Cat said he had just returned from Wasilla, AK and visiting with a friend who was a lawyer, and that it was "common Knowledge" that Bristol not Sarah had TriG.
    The was the same day or before the Daily kos article came out?(That was taken down) I didn't see that until much later.(cached version)
    Also, too
    A blogger "Cajun Boy from the City" was blogging and said he had a inside source about TriG. It was supposed to be a Oct. surprise.
    Many of us believed the source to be Lisa Demer, at the ADN. Unfortunately a bunch of people emailed Pat Doughty and Cajun boy's source backed off!
    It was on or about Oct 30 or31 2008.
    We know now ADN is almost wholly financed by the SOA....!
    So just bringin' this up to keep a eye out for...