Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Frank Bailey wrote that he saw Sarah Palin after she gave birth to Trig at the Mat-Su hospital. Can we trust him? Absolutely not!

I and several of the regulars who comment at this site think it is likely that Sarah Palin was not registered as a patient at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center on April 18, 2008, the day she claims she gave birth there. Not a single picture has ever surfaced, for example, showing her in bed holding the supposedly newborn Trig – who definitely was not a newborn that day. In fact it is hard to find compelling evidence that she was at the hospital at all.

So, how do we account for the KTUU news story and video of the Heaths holding Trig in a Mat-Su maternity suite that day? The leading hypothesis is that the Heaths somehow got access to an unoccupied suite, and the news team from KTUU, perhaps in on the hoax, was led there by one of the conspirators. Keep in mind that Bill McAllister, Palin's soon-to-be press secretary, still worked at KTUU, and that his station was the only news organization in town that got to cover the story at Mat-Su.

For any newbies reading this, if the above sounds too fantastic to be true, ask yourself this: Why was it so important for Palin to get to the Mat-Su hospital, if she supposedly started having contractions in Dallas more than 3,000 away? No sane woman who was truly experiencing contractions would have traveled that far (nor would an airline have let her board the plane). What was so special about Mat-Su? Answer: as a former board member of the hospital, she had the clout to pull off a hoax there and not be called out on it.

So who, outside of family members and Levi Johnston (whose account cannot be trusted), claims they saw Palin at the hospital that day? Not many.

One of the most perplexing accounts comes from Frank Bailey, in his book Blind Allegiance. Our regular commenter "B" helpfully provided this background information:

"p.214 of his book, Bailey says at the hospital he saw Sarah (but just a glimpse), Trig, Todd, and Bristol. He also notes a 'good-wishes carousel spinning around the governor and newborn,' which suggests other people. If he is telling the truth, Bailey's account doesn't rule out staged:

" 'The morning of the birth, when escorted behind the hospital double doors, I caught a glimpse of Sarah and hours-old Trig. Dazed, I later joyously snapped a photo of Todd cradling Trig. . . . I left moments later. Passing though the waiting room, I saw Bristol lying on the couch. . . . she had NOT  just given birth.'

"Wonder why it is important for us or Sarah to know that he has a picture of Todd and Trig at the hospital? At any rate, he doesn't describe entering a birthing suite and chatting with Sarah, in bed holding Trig. He goes out of his way to say he could tell Bristol didn't just give birth, but doesn't say he could tell Sarah did.

"Again, IF the account is true, the photo op was staged behind the 'double doors' through which Bailey had to be 'escorted,' which sounds like a patient rather than public area."

Thanks, B! Keep in mind that Bailey confesses in his book that he lied on Palin's behalf numerous times. Thus, there is no reason to assume he is telling the truth here. In fact, I believe he has deliberately lied about Trig. 

In the book he claims he believes Sarah's ridiculous birth story. But he makes clear that he and Sarah and other members of her staff spent a tremendous amount of time combatting rumors that Bristol was Trig's mother and notes that Sarah never did the obvious thing: produce documentary evidence such as a birth certificate. He can't truly be so stupid as to realize the reason she didn't produce such evidence was that should couldn't. He must have known her birth story was false.

But why would he lie? I initially thought it was because of misplaced loyalty to Palin concerning something as important as the birth hoax. But Leadfoot_LA , a wonderfully clear thinker and leading lighting light among the Trig Truthers, provided what strikes me as a much more compelling reason:

"Of course Bailey isn't telling the truth. In fact, I'd add him to the list of people who could be charged in the conspiracy (which is exactly why he did not, and could not tell the truth in his book.)"

Bingo! So, if he was part of the conspiracy, what was his role? Here's my guess: Who would Sarah give the task of sneaking around the Mat-Su hospital to find an unoccupied maternity suite? That's just the kind of unethical activity that she seemed to count on Frank to do. 

If Palin was at the hospital that day, she was not in a bed, she was monitoring how the hoax was proceeding. And if that was case, then maybe Bailey did glimpsed her – but note how he did not describe her. If she had looked as if she had just given birth, he undoubtedly would have written that.

Nonetheless, even if he  did see her, by saying she was with the "hours-old Trig," he still was lying by trying to give the false impression that she gave birth that day. One way or another, his intent was to deceive concerning Trig's birth.


  1. A play with words, seeing someone at the hospital is different than seeing in them in the hospital. Palins used a room, easy for anyone with the political pull $Palin had.

    The biggest tell that Trig was not born there is there is no way he would have had pictures taken with others without a mask, he was supposedly born with health problems. Germs are a problem for newborns. So many lies...

  2. Brad,

    In Bailey's book he talks about how he found out Bristol was pregnant in August, saying he was told by Sarah within a day or two of when she found out because she was hysterical, crying, etc. and he & his wife went to see the Palins'. It was a typical Sarah playing the victim, wanting to keep Frank handy during the Monegan investigation so she could pin the blame squarely on his shoulders. Yet, we know and Frank MUST know by now that Sarah found out in May, 3 months before her pity party. Why does he tell this story and think readers will accept it as is? Why did his co-authors not bring up the fact that Sarah was lying to Frank at the time? Why didn't Frank bring up the fact that Sarah lied to him? Because he's still hiding things for her even when unnecessary or else he thinks its important to stick to this story because of the REAL birthdates of Trig and Tripp?

  3. Sorry but the above comment was sent without this paragraph.

    It also proves that he will continue to lie for Sarah but I think it may be that he's protecting himself just as much as he is Sarah. I don't know if Palin was in the hospital that day or not but I tend to believe she was, but she was not there as a registered patient. If they bothered to obtain the use of a room and had the entire family there, I don't know why Sarah wouldn't be there, too, going along with the scam.

  4. Right, AKRNHSNC, if she was there, but not registered, then he could be telling the truth about getting a glimpse of her. The carousel part is not believable. I'm guessing she indeed got one of those later and put well wishers cards on it. But no one knew that she would be there that day, so where would the cards come from? Visitors would not bring cards.

  5. I can believe Sarah's staff didn't know about the Tripp pregnancy when Sarah found out. I can believe Sarah, after thinking all summer, wanted to adopt Tripp in August. In July, she emailed todd saying B and L should marry on their anniv. We don't know what the response is but Im pretty certain Todd would have been ADAMANTLY against Levi joining the family (at thw beginning, then or in 3 years) I can envision a Sarah/Todd meeting of the minds where they discuss adopting the baby so Bristol didnt have to marry Levi or worry about a baby.

    That makes sense to me. It makes more sense when you think about how little Bristol actually saw Levi that summer, how often she wasn't in Wasilla.

    Levi's original account was that Sarah called them when they were at the tattoo shop, in early August. "She wouldnt let up."

    Frank says Sarah sobbed to him about her being pregnant Aug 17th? (or mid August)

    This fits with the Levi story.

    While Levi is definitely not a reliable source given his oddly contradictory statements (some of them about mundane and weird that he'd lie about it), Frank really has no reason to lie (save Troopergate which he got creative in his "remembering"). None of the other stuff would directly affect him.

    My correspondence with Frank:

    Hey again! I had a thought and would love your input. If you were to think back objectively, do you see any evidence at all that maybe Trig was a surrogate baby. Sarah and Todd could still be his parents but another woman birthed him. That email she wrote coming from God that she emailed herself before trigs birth was interesting, as it mentioned "easy birth".

    I'd love your opinion.

    Frank Bailey:

    Wow it is impossible for me to think Trig is a surrogate baby. I just saw no evidence of anything like that y'know? I spent a lot of time with her in juneau and anchorage in the months leading to Trig's birth and while i didnt really consider an option like that at the time, i saw her change physically like a pregnant mom normally would, belly, face .

    Just my perspective

    Do you have absolute proof Bristol wan't pregnant in 07? Just curious.

    Frank Bailey:

    I can't say with absolute proof, but I can tell you this that I saw her probably 12 times between the late summer of 2007 and the spring of 2008 and absolutely no indication that she was pregnant or hiding anything. Understand that I didn't hang out at the Palin's house in Wasilla as I lived in Anchorage.

    Please feel free to share this, I don't have any issue with that at all.

    Did you see Bristol in person around the holidays in 07?

    Frank Bailey:
    yes I did.

  6. Granny-

    You ALREADY told us, in your current "f9cf..." persona that Trig was a political baby and that "neither Sarah or Todd" knew where he came from. You told us that you faked it Granny.
    Why are you bothering with this?

    Why would YOU as "f9cf.." be e-mailing Frank Bailey about babygate anyhow? You both already know the truth -- that YOU did not birth Trig and we all know it also Granny.

  7. After Sarah won the Governorship she failed to give Bailey the job of chief of staff, instead handing that plum to Tibbles and giving Nizich the deputy chief of staff position. Bailey was not pleased, according to his book:

    "I stuffed a cookie into my mouth to keep from yelling, 'What about all our promises? No, no, no, no!'"

    Instead Bailey was finally assigned a minor role as assistant to the commissioner of the Department of Administration. There he languished for six months until he finally began to move out of the circle entirely by exploring other career options. Sarah extended her claws and pulled him back in, though, as soon as she learned he was slipping away. And Frank (worm that he is) caved, totally, he was "Unable to resist..."

    Sarah played him like a violin. She treated him abysmally yet he jumped at the chance for more punishment from his idol.

    In spite of his moment of enlightenment, revealed at the end of Blind Allegiance (which came about because Sarah essentially fired him), we cannot have any certainty about Bailey's total conversion. He was pushed and pulled by Sarah so many times, and like a subservient, beaten dog, he crawled or bounded back to her every time. His confessions notwithstanding, he gives us nothing solid in which to trust that he rid himself of her influence for good.

    That, all by itself, is sufficient to cast doubt on his story as it relates to Trig's birth day.

  8. Bailey still has dirt on Palin, and Palin still has dirt on Bailey. That's why she has stayed quiet about him, and why he lies - to protect himself, and his family from Sarah - and everyone involved with her.

    A Subpoena to testify before a Grand Jury does WONDERS to loosen otherwise sealed lips... So does Immunity from prosecution.

  9. f9cf235c-179e-11e1-ba4a-000bcdcb471e said...

    I can believe Sarah's staff didn't know about the Tripp pregnancy when Sarah found out. I can believe Sarah, after thinking all summer, wanted to adopt Tripp in August. In July, she emailed todd saying B and L should marry on their anniv. We don't know what the response is but Im pretty certain Todd would have been ADAMANTLY against Levi joining the family (at thw beginning, then or in 3 years) I can envision a Sarah/Todd meeting of the minds where they discuss adopting the baby so Bristol didnt have to marry Levi or worry about a baby."

    *heavy SIGH*

    What's up Gov Dirty? On the blogs telling more lies I see....could you just do us all a favor and just go ahead and confess....it's so tiring re reading the same shit you post over and over....you didn't give birth to Trig...

    "This I know"...now you keep going on about Levi who you must have been lusting after because you act like a woman scorned!

    Meanwhile your crazy fans are pleading and begging for you to "reconsider" and you don't have the guts to tell them that the skeletons are out of your closet and you will NEVER be able to run for ANY political office.....EVER!

  10. Bailey acts like the victim of an abusive relationship, which is exactly what he is. How many of us know people who stay in obviously abusive relationships? He admits they'd ask Todd what kind of mood Sarah was in, so they knew who they'd be dealing with that day. He talks about how he wouldn't understand why she'd say the things she did. How is this different from a beaten wife trying to figure out the best moment to tell her husband that a bill has arrived? Bailey went from what sounds like an ordinary, if rather naive person to lying and finagling for Sarah, because he was willing to do anything to keep her happy. That was more important to him than keeping his wife happy, or his kids- which means he perpetuated the abuse on his own family.

    What is secondary in this is that Bailey was also apparently a member of a fundamentalist church, and they tend to be rather authoritarian in outlook. IOW, he started from a position of being deferential to authority, although I expect he'd refer to it as being "respectful." I worry about the numbers of people in this country who are willing to turn their souls and lives and money over to others because they have a position of authority. I would argue that being a minister of a fundamentalist church is to be a demigod to the congregation, authorized to interpret God's word and explain God's will. Getting in good with the minister of such a church puts one in a position of respect with other members, which I suppose is why Sarah stays with it even though she doesn't attend church with any regularity. The minister obviously approves of her, helps her be blessed by a witch-hunter, and while we can say, "well, Sarah's crazy," the real danger to us isn't from Sarah, whom we can readily identify, but the supposedly normal people in the pews who are quietly going along with the insanity. We can't identify them. We don't know them. And they are legion.

    I think I'd like to move to Norway. I'm getting too old to deal with this.

  11. Brad, I wish I really could be helpful. I am truly grateful to you and Allison for picking up the Babygate mantle.

    As I read this passage again, I wonder why Bailey was "dazed" by the sight of Sarah & Trig. He had two kids of his own by then; he had seen newborns. Could he have been "dazed" (and relieved) to see that she was able to acquire an baby, since he had come to realize she wasn't pregnant? Or was he "dazed" to realize Sarah had a reborn doll rather than a live baby? Also, why was he "joyous" in taking a picture of Todd & Trig? Is he just throwing in giddy adjectives to show he was really an insider and is now telling the truth? Creepy.

  12. F9cf and so forth - taking your email at face value, will you share the dates? Also, can you categorize your relationship to FB for us? Was he responding to a stranger (you) who reached out to him? Or do you have personal history? A one time handshake, or months of working together long ago? Context is important if we are to understand what he said. Right now only you know the context.

  13. I just can't imagine anyone being able to tell by observation if a 6 week pre mature infant is "hours-old". It is such a strange adjective to include unless you are trying to sell or spin something that makes no sense. He would never have been allowed close enough to make an accurate observation, just wishes he was.

  14. 1. I have a feeling only 2 people in Alaska know specifically where Trig came from: Todd and Sarah

    2. People won't speak up because A. They don't know specifics and without specifics they have nothing B. They don't want to look like an asshole

    3. The MSM has nothing to do with this. See #2

    4. Most Americans don't think of Sarah Palin or her ilk. I'd say the only people keeping her name public are "haters" and the few internet journalists who write defunct little articles hoping for hits.

    5. Alaskans don't think about Sarah et al on a daily basis. You'd be hardpressed to find 10 people in an hour who actually know a Palin. And fewer who actually know anything truthful about them. This would explain all the lies told btw.