Friday, December 2, 2011

How possible misconduct by the Anchorage police relates to Todd Palin and a prostitute's laptop, and why a federal inquiry is needed

Just when things were getting dull, Sarah Palin felt a need on Sean Hannity's show Thursday to compare Herman Cain's fidelity problems with stories about Todd's prostitution peccadillos. And then she heatedly alluded to Shailey Tripp's statement that she did not appear pregnant when Tripp gave her a massage in early 2008. While Palin did not specifically name Tripp, it was clear that's who she was talking about.

For those of you new to this, Shailey Tripp pled guilty to engaging in prostitution at her massage parlor (although charges were later dropped), and she claimed that Todd was one of the johns who paid her for sex. The National Enquirer in its January 31 issue ran that allegation:

The Anchorage Police Department confiscated Tripp's laptop computer and cell phone when they arrested her. Amazingly, that department sent out a press release claiming they could attest that Todd was not a john because they found no evidence he was. That press release was the basis of the following story in the New York Daily News: 
It's odd that the Anchorage police were acting like PR agents for the Palins. What interest should the they have in rebutting stories about the Palins in a national tabloid magazine? Moreover, the police later admitted that there was no firm basis for the assertion of Todd's innocence, because the police had not examined the contents of the laptop or the cell phone.

Furthermore, the police since June have refused to give Tripp her laptop and cell phone back, despite explicit instructions from the judge that they do so. The police department could face contempt of court charges if it continues to defy the judge. Their refusal to release the property raises the question of whether the police are trying to hide something.

Possible misconduct by the Anchorage police is suggested by these articles at Malia Litman's blog:
The ability of local authorities to deal evenhandedly with events that may relate to the Palins can no longer be taken for granted. A federal investigation of the Palin-Tripp issue, plus others involving the Palins, is needed because the Palins may have compromised or corrupted the Anchorage police, and perhaps other law enforcement bodies in Alaska as well


  1. Brad~
    RICCO!!! WooHoo, I just ♥ U~
    Yes the mighty grifter went on a huge rant last night.
    She VERIFIED Shays account. She gave a "Shout-out" to "Trig Truthers"...
    Wow. There is a goddess.
    Hope next is jail for her.
    Thanks to all of you who carry on! We must have a virtual Party when Palin is lead down the "perp" walk :)

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now how do we get someone of authority to take action?

  3. I love Lt. Parker's statement. "There's not one scintilla of evidence..."

    When did you last hear ANYONE use the word "scintilla"? No, really. The only person who would use that word is either playing Scrabble or writing a Mary Sue romance novel.

  4. Ivyfree - a scintilla of evidence is a phrase used by lawyers. I think they own it. It's a dead give away that the police released a statement written for them by the Palin's attorney.

    Brad - "A federal investigation of the Palins is desperately needed" should become the Facebook Status for Truthers !!

    (BTW I really think you got to Sarah and that's why the rant yesterday. I posted about it today ( "Shailey, Sarah and Ebonezer Scrooge" at ). She kept saying Herman Cain will be in trouble if it's proven he MISLEAD the PUBLIC. Ha!

  5. How can APD acknowledge they have evidence from the arrest of Shailey Tripp in their possession, but have NOT YET EXAMINED it...

    ... and yet -

    On the other hand state (in an off-the-Official-Record Statement no less!) that "there's not one scintilla of evidence that Todd Palin had anything to do with this".

    RICO. That's just to start. And RICO is FEDERAL PROSECUTION... no local yokels in charge.

    It's a beautiful thing.

  6. As I remember from listening to Palin's twelve-minute verbal scree (seemed like two hours), she didn't even deny that she had a massage, did she?

    And, NO, I am not going to listen to it again!

  7. It always boggles me that Sarah Palin continues to this day (and so do her mindless parroting bots) to claim that she fought corruption in Alaska politics and won.

    Perhaps she's basing that brag on her hacking into Randy Ruedrich's computer, but the major corruption investigations were Federal, and didn't involve her input or contribution at all.

  8. In this political climate,unfortunately,Eric Holder wouldn't want to touch this story.And that is part of the problem....Something sure did get to Sarah though.She's seems to be unraveling.

  9. Great post but one correction: Shailey's court case was dismissed.

  10. Check out Shaileys' blog for updates. Nov. 30, 2011, Judge orders APD to return Ms. Tripps property and to answer in 10 days.