Friday, December 30, 2011

Here's how we know Sarah Palin faked Trig's birth, and why the Palin birth hoax still matters 

Regular commenter Amy1 wrote the following in responding to another commenter:

... To me, the key piece of evidence is the Mar 14 photo (and the other photos that show SP to be not pregnant just weeks before the Apr 18 "delivery.") Even the wild ride did not seem like proof positive, to me. I can (just barely) imagine someone being deranged enough to risk such a flight as a pregnant woman, however unlikely all the info makes it. But the photos DO seem proof positive, proof that would stand up in court. At least, I have never heard ANY explanation for the flat profile on Mar 14 and a 6-pound baby 5 weeks later. Or the flat Mar 14 photo and the Gusty photo. It's either a medical impossibility or a miracle.

For me, the photos remove the need to speculate on the bioparents of Trig, how many babies were used, the relationship of Tripp's and Trig's birthdates, the dysfunctional family, the crooked police, the fake CBJ medical letter, and much else. To me (but not to everyone else), it's a matter of SP hoaxed us in that she was not pregnant.

Everything else is in the category of interesting but not essential. 

And of course, the importance is not in Palin's deceit so much as the enabling that the GOP and backers did, and the continuing suppression of the story in the MSM. It's way bigger than Palin, but it need not involve her family beyond herself. Just Palin, the GOP, and the 1%er-funders -- hoaxing us to affect an election.

I know you know all this, Ginger, but I'm long-winded so any newbies don't feel like our 3 years of data is written in code! 
While not proof positive on its own, the email with the draft of Trig's birth announcement (including the info that he was early) is certainly pretty damaging too, because that email was written before the fake birth.
 As others have said, we really don't know which detail will serve to burst the dam open. ...


  1. Hey Brad -- What a surprise! Thank you -- I hope this hoax is exposed before our next election, to deter similar dirty tricks (like the klown kar kandidate parade we have just seen) once again.

    For anyone new to this, I just want to add links to Lidia17's excellent video -- a visual version of the hoax data: Part I and Part II.

    Every quote and visual in this video is accurate, per my 3 yrs of following this travesty.

  2. I agree that somebody who was deranged might take a chance on the Wild Ride, but I think that under the circumstances, Todd would have had to be deranged too, to agree with it. Whatever Sarah did, Todd was complicit. If she had been truly pregnant, all he had to do was tell the taxi (or limo) driver to go to the nearest hospital instead of the airport. Any argument? "She's in labor." At the airport, all he'd have to do is tell the flight attendant "she's in labor." That simple statement would change the attitude of any driver or flight attendant, and it's what any decent man would have done, considering that it was supposed to be his kid she was risking. (I think Todd could view potential widowerhood with equanimity.)

    He didn't. She wasn't.

    And yes, that email draft is damning. The March 14 picture is damning. The rest, as you say, is interesting but not essential. The underlying fact: she lied about birthing a special needs child and used that for political gain. She'd have to move up the scale to qualify as trash.

  3. Also, too, the fact that SP imagined she could pull off the hoax without anyone noticing tells us that she is insane.

    Personally, I prefer mentally balanced public officials.

  4. Refreshingly concise. Happy New Year everyone.

  5. Here's today's most important thing: maybe Obama is ready to follow Keynes: “The boom, not the slump, is the right time for austerity at the Treasury.”

    Only climate change is more important than this. SP's hoax is just one of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  6. There is little doubt that Sarah Palin is only a small part of a much larger and uglier picture. The Wall Street / Evangelical / Cable News / Hate Radio juggernaut has been dragging our entire nation toward oblivion for several decades. Now is the time for everyone to wake up and smell the stench of destruction forced upon the middle class. Voting for progressives (what few there are) and supporting the OWS movement are two things we can all do.

  7. Floyd, I just reread your "Blinded by the Light," and if I may summarize what I got out of it, it's this: the "dirty secret" is really the depopulation plan that our 0.01%ers (right: the top 1% of the 1%) are planning for us. And that SP's selection was the cold-blooded hope to defeat Obama, so McCain's masters could proceed faster with the efforts we have seen emerging over years but esp clear today: impoverish the middle class, depopopulate via limiting crucial services, allowing the kleptocrats freer rein to profit, esp via war profiteering.

    So to bring it back to SP: to expose the BabyHoax would be to unleash a lot of questions about enablers of SP, which would risk exposing this larger plan re reducing/impoverishing the middle class and reducing services, resulting in deaths (depopulation: which would have a much greater effect on depopulating minorities, right?)

    By the way, I recommend your "Blinded by the Light." It is truly one of your best explanations, Floyd. Thank you for writing it. (Except for the Edwards part. Yikes!)

  8. Thank you, Amy1. I try to inform and entertain simultaneously in my writing, usually making the result somewhat more obtuse than Blinded by the Light. We should all be Americans first and Texans or Alaskans or New Yorkers second, because when it comes to overpopulation, climate change, and peak oil, we are all in this together, for better or worse, Atheists and Evangelicals, Prius drivers and Hummer drivers, ad infinitum....